Ringing the Bells of Farewell


מתוך מקומון מעריב "זמן ירושלים" 3.5.
מתוך העיתון "עכבר העיר" 28.1.2011
מתוך העיתון "זמן מבשרת" 4.11.2010
About the Play 
A solo performance by Hadassa Jacobus


The painful separation from her daughter Inbal makes for a performance imbued with love, humor and joie-de-vivre. In an unconventional theatrical collage the actress takes the audience into the depths of pain, motherhood, love, loss and serenity. Hadassa’s personal story becomes a work that crosses the familiar boundaries between mourning and joy, loss and disclosure. This is theatre of emotion, both stirring and thought-provoking.


Script and performance: Hadassa Jacobus

Direction: Rochele

Stage design: Natalia Rosental, Kinneret Topaz

Lighting: Rubi Rubinstein


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